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Through organizing pilgrimages to various communities in South America, IMAGO co-creates financial abundance with and for the spiritual communities we study with, opportunities for life long learning, and the bedrock of relationship upon which a global movement of friendship and mutual aid is being built. 

If you resonate with the way we build community and hold space at our retreats and desire to go deeper, please reach out to us for more information about our Pilgrimage programs. These programs provide the opportunity to study with our teachers in their territories. 

Allyu Tiqsi Muyu, Colombia

Allyu Tiqsi Muyu has been tested and entrusted with a basket of ancestral wisdom. The allyu carries this basket with the instruction to guide those who are ready and willing. The story of the awakening and re-greening of humanity at this time lives in these stories, songs and dances that have been carried for generations by the Andean Cosmovision and a global counsel of elders.

What would you give to safeguard the teachings of the elders?

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The Condor Eagle Prophecy is a vision of collaboration that has been received by many elders and medicine people around the world & it is prophesied to be unfolding at this time.

The Condor Eagle prophecy states that the potential for healing on Earth will be greatly magnified when the people of South, Central, and North America can again be in alliance- dance together and with the Earth to their fullest potential- a dance that will awaken and re-green humanity. This prophesy is seen as a possibility. One that we must tend to in order for it to bear fruit.

Learn more about the Condor Eagle Prophecy from Alejo Sanzon, founding member of allyu Tiqusi Muyu.

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