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Remember The Magic We Are 



Remember The Magic We Are 




Embark on a transformative journey with IMAGO AMIGO, where the threads of ancestral wisdom, the wonders of nature, the creativity of art, and the insights of science intertwine to create a global community unlike any other. Dive into a world where magic, connection, and self-discovery flourish. Join us on a mission to bridge the past and the future, weaving a tapestry of collective growth, preservation, and positive change.

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The IMAGO Community Church is part of a global movement for transformation.

 Through services, retreats, courses and in depth study with indigenous teachers and wisdom keepers we recall our innate power to heal and choose love, learning to live up to our personal and collective best version.

We believe that by embracing our potential to develop emotional intelligence, embodied understanding, and spiritual awareness we can show up in solidarity as stewards of society, improving how we relate to each other, nature and our connection to the divine.

Join us!

We are all in this together. We come from diverse beliefs, histories and territories. We honor each other’s sovereignty and work creatively to harmonize our individual differences, transmuting them into collective strength.

We Love Us

As we rejuvenate and recall our primary connection to source, we begin to recognize ourselves as crystallized life force with the power to create worlds. We find ourselves less and less under the influence of modern culture and it’s lineage of destruction and terror. We desire collaboration and intimacy.

Doors of perception open and together we are strong enough to walk through them. We look to each other as mirrors and guides on this path, reaffirming our commitment to choose self awareness in love, to put down our addiction to fear and to trust this life.  


The IMAGO AMIGO's are currently raising resources for the Yawanawa Agroforestry and Aquaculture Project, a collaboration between Ecological Renewal Alliance (ERA) and Yawanawa tribe.

This initiative focuses on ecological design and preserving indigenous practices. The Yawanawa, guardians of 500,000 acres in the Amazon, play a pivotal role in rainforest preservation. Mutum village has invited us to collaborate with them to achieve land restoration and food sovereignty.

You can support this initiative by:

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